Team Mobius

Jacobs has signed exclusive teaming agreements with Lockheed Martin, Eviden, BMT and MKC Training to develop an innovative and efficient Systems Integrator (SI) and Delivery Partner (DP) service solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Land Environment Tactical Communications and Information Systems (LE TacCIS) portfolio.

Team MOBIUS has an extensive set of programmatic and technical engineering attributes that will deliver an enhanced Delivery Partner service for the LE TacCIS MORPHEUS sub-programme. MOBIUS will also deliver supply chain management and operational service management capabilities.

Mobius Experience

Formed as a result of true collaboration between industry leaders, Team MOBIUS brings together proven experience in developing, integrating, and delivering complex mission critical systems for defence and industrial clients globally.

MOBIUS will encourage and sustain an inclusive and diverse supply chain community of small to medium enterprises while continually horizon scanning and nurturing new technology and talent that will future proof and enhance the LE TacCIS service for the MOD as LE TacCIS and MORPHEUS develop.

The Opportunity

The proposed LE TacCIS FOM, in contrast to the current single source prime supplier model, will be procured from multiple providers incentivised to deliver increased system agility, improved capability, vendor independence and value for money.

This is key to delivering the strategic benefits of the LE TacCIS programme. It allows the MOD greater awareness of risks and will also be more effective than the current prime model in enabling earlier mitigations.

The LE TacCIS programme consists of multiple sub-programmes and projects with the aim to deliver the next generation of tactical military communications in the land environment, through Evolutionary Capability Delivery. It will provide the means to make informed and timely decisions, enabled by agile Communication Information Systems.

The programme portfolio consists of Bowman ComBAT Infrastructure and Platform, BCIP 5.6, the MORPHEUS sub-programme, the TRINITY sub-programme, Joint Common Remote Viewing Terminal, Dismounted Soldier Awareness, Falcon, NIOBE and multiple delivery and support projects such as MORPHEUS Test and Reference Centre and BEARERS.

LE TacCIS will deliver the first installation of Defence as a Platform in the tactical environment, providing the next generation of secure communications and awareness systems to16,000 land platforms, the soldier, 130 Royal Navy vessels and more than 200 Royal Air Force aircraft.

The LE TacCIS programme is delivered by the Tactical Systems (TacSys), in conjunction with Army Headquarters and Strategic Command/Defence Digital and key industry partners.

The Mobius Team


At Jacobs, we're challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world's most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good.

Jacobs has supported the defence and security sector for over 60 years, and we are known for our commitment to excellence and our outstanding achievements in quality, delivery, and safety.

With a focus on long-term and ongoing client relationships many of our government, defence, security, and intelligence clients retain our services across multiple programmes and projects, resulting in successful partnerships over many years in the delivery and integration of complex mission critical solutions.

Our Cyber and Secure Information Systems business consistently delivers cyber resilience solutions and our multidisciplinary team are experts in Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) convergence; we bring together people, process, and technology solutions to address the convergence challenges of our time.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin UK is the UK-based arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation and has operated in the country for nearly 80 years. Headquartered in London, we employ approximately 1,800 people at more than 20 sites across the country.

From mail sorting technology to helping build the UK’s first commercial spaceport, our innovations and partnerships help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges, contributing to the UK’s defence, security and prosperity.

Lockheed Martin spend approximately £1.6 billion in the UK each year, supporting around 20,000 jobs in almost 1000 companies, 80% of which are Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

The people of Lockheed Martin are critical to our success as a business – their work making a difference, every day. Our customers rely on their skills, knowledge, and passion to deliver, time and time again. We are a diverse and inclusive organisation offering exciting careers for apprentices, interns, graduates, and experienced professionals alike.


Eviden provides transformation, strategic and tactical advisory support, and IT support services to the UK MOD. We provide technical experts and teams to help the MOD deliver agile digital transformation, secure better services from suppliers, and transfer knowledge and ability to the MOD. Through our work, we enable MOD to access the benefits and realisation of the capability it desires through the investments it has made in IT.

Recent defence projects include helping the MOD to complete the end-to-end procurement and technical build requirements for the next generation of communications devices and deployed networks. Providing the full range of IT systems, hardware, and software testing services for new applications in development prior to go-live, and supporting the Army Information Services team with the design, build, testing and deployment of the Army Data Consolidation and Analytics ‘HYDRA’ tool as part of the Land ISTAR programme.

We are working with the MOD to create Digital Mission Advantage, unleashing the power of data to increase capabilities along the chain of command. Eviden works in partnership to integrate and exploit the digital backbone that is critical to the future of defence.

MKC Training

MKC Training, through the 30-year Holdfast contract, continues to deliver demanding design and delivery training requirements for the Ministry of Defence with increasing efficiency. Now in its 12th year of delivery, MKC Training sets a benchmark in training output and learner centric delivery.

Our expertise and specialist capability are widely recognised across Defence (and the wider Civilian construction and engineering sectors) and this recognition includes a Queen’s Anniversary Award for Training. These attributes underpin our work with the Royal Engineers whose Headquarters are set within the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) in Kent. We design, manage, deliver, and assess a wide range of technical and professional training programmes for engineers at all levels through to postgraduate level.

Our methodology has transformed the Royal Engineers’ training to a more Flexible, Affordable, Modern, and Efficient model through modular, blended learning that incorporates remote learning for increased accessibility. This methodology is readily exportable to other training and MKC Training is well positioned to partner with organisations to design, and help deliver, transformative learning and development initiatives.

Fundamentally, our methodology is underpinned by a strong commitment to address the whole educational journey and be ‘learner centric’, stimulating learners to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.


BMT is an international design, engineering and risk management consultancy working principally in the Defence and Security sector. With a rich heritage of engineering excellence, we have extensive experience of systems engineering, programme delivery and assurance, and through life asset management, supported by data science, exploitation, and cyber security. Our commitment to innovation and the environment is underpinned by significant investment in research and our links with Academia. Truly independent, BMT assets are held in beneficial ownership for its staff who are trusted by the most demanding customers to deliver market leading engineering consultancy.

Key MOBIUS People

As the intended Delivery Partner the MOBIUS approach is to provide a proven capability and service with deep expertise and experience independent from the supply chain equipment providers. The MOBIUS team is made up of people who care deeply about the UK’s armed forces. We want to make sure that they receive the right capability at the right time in this vital area – the next generation of tactical communications systems.

Alasdair Shannon

Business Development Director (Cyber & Secure Information Systems)

Alasdair has been leading Business Development & Solution Sales within Defence for the last 20 years. His appreciation of Networked Mission Systems & C4ISTAR technologies was gained during his earlier career an aviation commander in the British Army, leading on various Aviation Operations in the Balkans, Northern Ireland and Central America in both UK Joint-Force and Multi-National domains.

His commercial career started with Rolls Royce Defence – Global Sales, latterly transitioning from Defence Aerospace to the emerging Cyber and Secure Information Systems (SIS) market, moving to Qatar in 2013, where he was appointed CEO to a local Joint Venture and led Quest Global Holdings (Strategic Intelligence & Communications) Middle East growth. On retuning to UK, he joined Fujitsu, leading on enterprise digital transformation solutions in the EMEA & Pakistan Defence markets.

Joining Jacobs in 2021, Alasdair is drawing on the breadth of his Aviation, Cyber and ICT experience, focussing on the emerging enterprise-data & SIS needs of Strategic Command & Defence Digital, including the Industrial support to the Land Environment Tactical Communications & Information Systems (LE TacCIS) portfolio.

Carl Forey

Capture Programme Director LE TacCIS

Carl Forey, a Chartered Programme Professional with more than 20 years’ experience in programme management and business development, has joined Jacobs to deliver the next generation of tactical communications systems for the UK Ministry of Defence.

As a Capture and Programme Delivery Director Carl has delivered complex, transformational TacCIS and security programmes into UK and International markets in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. His aim is to ensure that Team MOBIUS provides the MOD with independent, consistent and flawless delivery performance.

Gareth Jones

System Engineering Manager (Cyber Security & Secure Information Systems)

Gareth has a Masters degree in Electronics with Communications and 19 years experience covering the full breadth of the System Engineering lifecycle delivering Tactical Communication Information Systems to the UK MoD.

As the System Engineering Manager for the Jacobs CS&SIS business, Gareth is overseeing and supporting all on-contract activities across the Defence, Nuclear and Critical National Infrastructure portfolio, as well as leading the System engineering team on MORPHEUS and LE TacCIS opportunities. His aim is to ensure the technical capabilities desired by the Armed Forces are delivered into the hands of the User when they are needed and fit for the purpose they were intended.

Richard Claydon

Platform Integration Lead

Richard Claydon, responsible within Team MOBIUS for platform integration, has been working in the defence Industry for 40 years: 10 as an engineer and 30 as a programme manager.

Richard has delivered several complex development, platform integration and support programmes into civil and military customers in Europe, Middle East and the USA. Richard will lead the Lockheed Martin platform integration and will bring his skills and experience to the MOBIUS Team ensuring programme, risk and stakeholder management are central to the flawless execution of the MORPHEUS-System Integrator (SI) role.


Team MOBIUS Launched

On the 15th September 2021 at the DSEI exhibition in London Jacobs signed exclusive teaming agreements with Lockheed Martin, ATOS (now Eviden), BMT and MKC Training to develop an innovate and efficient Delivery Partner service solution for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), Land Environment Tactical Communications and Information Systems (LE TacCIS) portfolio. MORPHEUS is a sub-programme under LE TacCIS, and it requires a Future Operating model (FOM).

Jacobs and partners formed team MOBIUS to provide an extensive set of Programmatic and Technical Engineering attributes that will deliver an enhanced System Integrator and Strategic Deliver Partnership service for the MORPHEUS FOM. It will also deliver supply chain management and operational service management.

MOBIUS brings together true collaboration from industry leaders with proven experience developing, integrating, and delivering complex mission critical systems for defence and industrial clients globally.

MOBIUS will encourage and sustain an inclusive and diverse set of Small to Medium Enterprises and supply chain community while continually horizon scanning and nurturing new technology and talent that will future proof and enhance the LE TacCIS service for the MOD as the MORPHEUS and LE TacCIS Future Operating Model develops.

Senior Executives from the partner companies signing the MOBIUS Collaboration Charter and Teaming Agreement
Senior Executives from the partner companies signing the MOBIUS Collaboration Charter and Teaming Agreement

For more information contact

Alasdair Shannon

Business Development Director (Cyber & Secure Information Systems)